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How to make a balloon arch

A balloon arch adds a distinctive touch to your event. You can do this solo or with a friend. It goes quicker and easier with help, but it's entirely possible to do it all by yourself.

First decide how big you want your balloon arch. How long and how tall. Also determine what color you'll be using. Red/white/blue, rainbow...whatever strikes your fancy or is appropriate for the venue.

Then you'll need to get plenty of latex balloons. The 10-12" ones work great. Plus you'll need a helium tank which you can rent at a party suplly store. Be sure to ask for the nozzle to inflate balloons. It's a rubber type material that's tapered at the end. You put the balloon over the end and push the end of the nozzle to one side to release the helium. Try to make all of the balloons the same size.

Get string, paperclips and some bricks or other weighty objects for the ends of the arch.

To make the balloon arch, tie one end of your string to a weight or object where the arch will meet the ground. Take six balloons and stick a paper clip through the end of each on between the knot and the open end. You don't want to unbend the paperclip. It should still maintain it's shape. Take all six paperclips and thread them onto the string.

Take these six balloons and weave them over and under each other to secure them. Slide this disc of balloons to the end of the main string. Now repeat the process.

If you're just using all one color balloon for your balloon arch, continue until you reach the other end where you want the arch to go.

For more colorful designs, you need to have each set of balloons to a particular pattern. A rainbow, for example, would use six different colors. The key is to have the colors in the same order for each set.

That's it. I hope you enjoy making a balloon arch.

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