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Learning to how to make balloon animals is easy with my book, but even easier when you can see it on video. I had been planning to make my own, but then I discovered the work of Sam Tee.

See for yourself at Sam's site. Just like I have a sample chapter available, Sam offers a free sample video on how to make a balloon dog. It gives you an idea of his style and presentation.

Sam's video includes simple, easy-to-follow instructions to make a Mouse, Giraffe, Squirrel, Rabbit, Elephant, Parrot, and a Swan. Also included is a Sword, Ray Gun, Heart In A Heart, Aero plane, Dino Hat, Crown, Star Hat and much, much more.

If you're wanting to learn to twist balloons, I highly recommend you visit Sam's site and buy his video.

Oh, did I mention you won't have to wait for delivery? It's a downloadable video! And what's more there are a couple of nice bonuses and a 100% money back guarantee. Check it out.

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